Some Recent shots from Peregian Beach, Pt Cartwright, Yaroomba & Hamilton Island..

      Its SUCH an amazing feeling to be finished a massive work load & finally be able to work on some landscape shots again. Its seriously exciting! Shooting weddings is a lot of fun but the countless hours in front of the computer can get pretty mundane. I guess it would be the same as editing 500 landscape shots back to back!! I wonder how much i would enjoy it then! haha

      Anyway, get ready for some new work, over the next few weeks i will be culling down the landscape gallery on this site & only showing photos that are my favourites & photos that can be printed BIG! Im just always so blown away by a massive detailed Fujiflex print that i want everyone to have that feeling/option when purchasing my work.

       Here's a few recent edits, i hope you enjoy :)