Mt Coolum

   I noticed some really cool light rays beaming through the clouds as i was driving to Maroochydore so i thought id pull over & try to get a shot of Mt Coolum. Ive been meaning to get a decent shot of Mt Coolum for a while, but i was always a little unsure of a good vantage point.

    So after noticing the awesome light i went to the first place i could get to before it all ended, just off the highway behind the old shed with the well known wave mural. I stood there for about an hour, there were light beams moving past & i thought how amazing would it be if i could get one right over Mount Coolum!

   It didnt look like it was going to happen & then it started lightly raining. I was just about to pack up when i saw a gap in the clouds and a sunray heading straight towards the mountain, i held my hat over the lens to sheild the rain & hoped the sun would line up perfectly, but after a few minutes it passed just in front. I still think it made for a cool effect. 

  Anyway i hope you enjoy!