New Edition- Yaroomba Beach Sunrise

This is probably my favourite image so far from this year, it was one of those mornings where getting out of bed at 4am was a feat in itself! Big night at work & 4 hours sleep, but it made this image even more rewarding. 

I have a habit of choosing a composition & generally sticking with it as the sun is rising to try and get the perfect light & water movement, but this time i was moving my camera around even with compositions i really wasnt even sure would work. In the end the shot that worked best was one i didnt even realise was good until i uploaded them to the computer. Lesson learned! Sometimes as the sun is rising you only have a very small window of perfect light & a few minutes to get the shot is not uncommon. Experimentation can be risky as you can end up missing the shot all together, but as i learn more i get faster & more confident in what i'm doing, i'm getting better at coming home with a shot im happy with every time i go out. It's a very rewarding experience, I am just loving the journey of landscape photography!!