Stars above Scientific Area Sunshine Coast..

         This was one of those times where i just didnt know if i could be bothered taking photos because i was on my way home after working 2 loooong shifts at work. It was 1 in the morning & i had just finished a 16 hour shift I've always been keen to shoot these pine forests so i thought id go checkem out  considering i was passing right by & i was miles from home, it seemed less of a pain then coming all the way back when i was feeling motivated.

        No moon, clear skies & i couldn't see squat, so i pulled over, got out the car, looked up and thought whooaaah awesome! then set the camera up, took my first pic, looked at the camera monitor & thought wholly #@%$!!!! Thats the great thing about shooting the stars, your camera see's so much more than you do. The ambient Orange from distant towns was completely unseen to the naked eye. I immediately rattled off about 6 shot before getting back in the car & searching for a better composition i had in mind, which wasnt easy, it was completely black every where, but i really wanted to get the milky way running straight through the middle of a channel of pines. Within 5 minutes i had found a promising spot but after taking 1 test shot i noticed some cloud cover in the photo, & before i knew it it was pouring with rain. I had about 10 minutes of shooting in total and was so glad i took the time.

       Im not exactly stoked with the composition, but atleast i have found a place to go back to & hopefully nail the shot i had visualised.

This one on below was the second location, no milky way but just wanted to get a sense of how it would have looked..

And finally this one which was as the clouds rushed in...

Scientific Park Sunshine Coast cloud cover night sky